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Master’s Degree Admissions Process

Admission Criteria

Admission to the program is based on a holistic, case-by-case analysis of the applicant’s academic record (undergraduate transcript), GRE or GMAT scores, years of relevant professional experience (resume), writing ability and intent (personal statement) and references (letters of recommendation).

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Like all premier academic programs, admission to the Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) online graduate program at West Virginia University is highly competitive and the total number of available seats for each entry term is limited.

Acceptance is also contingent on the number of qualified applicants versus the number of total available seats. The more applications received by the IMC program, the greater the competition is for admission to the program.


The GRE/GMAT admission requirement may be waived for interested applicants who meet certain professional or educational conditions. Please submit your information to our Review Dropbox to have your credentials evaluated for the GRE/GMAT waiver and to receive more information about the program.

Required Application Materials

Download our IMC Application Checklist

Applications to the WVU IMC online graduate program must include:

1. The Online WVU Graduate Application for Admission ($60.00 nonrefundable application fee)
Designate your Admission Type and Intended Program as “Masters” and “Integrated Marketing Communications (4932).” The primary delivery location/method is ONLINE.

2. Personal Statement—submit as a part of the Online WVU Graduate Application for Admission
Please detail in 300-500 words your interest in the IMC program. Be sure to describe why attending the IMC program will support your career objectives. Your personal statement is an opportunity to express motivation, enthusiasm, and intent.

3. Resume—submit as a part of the Online WVU Graduate Application for Admission
Your resume illustrates relevant and professional experience.

4. GRE or GMAT Scores—Destination code for GRE: 5904 and GMAT: C2S-FB-24
Graduate exam scores help demonstrate academic capability and graduate level aptitude. Also, note your scores (or exam date) as a part of the Online WVU Graduate Application for Admission.

The GRE/GMAT admission requirement may be waived if you meet one of the following qualifications:
—Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher
—Six or more years of marketing-related work experience
—Earned a master’s degree or higher

5. Official Academic Transcripts—a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is required, prior to the start of the first WVU IMC online course
Academic transcripts can indicate academic achievement and capability.

Official academic transcripts should be sent, via postal mail or electronic delivery, directly to:
WVU Office of Graduate Admissions
One Waterfront Place
PO Box 6510
Morgantown, WV 26506-6510
Email: GraduateAdmissions@mail.wvu.edu
Phone: 304-293-2121

6. TOEFL or IELTS Scores (international students only)
West Virginia University requires international students to submit their TOEFL or IELTS scores directly to the central WVU Office of Admissions. Use destination code 5904 to have TOEFL scores sent.

7. Letters of Recommendation (optional)
Letters of recommendation are preferred to be submitted as a part of the Online WVU graduate Application for Admission. Input the name and contact information of each recommendation provider in the “Recommendations – Recommendation Providers list” section.

Application Deadlines

Students are admitted to the IMC program three times per year, in the Early Fall, Early Spring and Summer sessions. However, the IMC program operates on a rolling admissions basis and qualified applicants may be accepted earlier than the priority/early acceptance notification date.

There may be several weeks between the day you submit your application and when you receive an admissions decision from the IMC program. All applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision whether accepted or rejected; however, the timing can vary depending on when the complete application is received. Applicants are encouraged to apply before the early/priority admission, but applications will be accepted beyond that date. If the application deadline is met, then an admissions decision will be given by the corresponding acceptance notification date.

Application Submission Deadlines

Applying before the deadline gives applicants the optimal amount of time to explore and receive financial aid, order books, and plan their course of study. Complete applications must be received by the following deadlines to receive full consideration for admission:

Term Early/Priority Admission Applications Accepted Until
Early Fall (August) May 15 July 15
Early Spring (January) October 1 December 1
Summer (May) March 1 April 15

Applications will be processed after the deadline until an incoming class is full. Once all available seats have been filled, qualified applicants will be deferred to the next incoming term. The IMC program may also implement a waitlist for an incoming session.

Upcoming WVU IMC Admission Term Start Dates

Term Term Start Date
Early Fall 2016 (August) August 17 (to October 5)
Early Spring 2017 (January) January 9 (to March 1)
Summer 2017 (May) May 15

Acceptance Notification

If application materials are received by the corresponding application deadline, students selected for admission to the IMC program will be notified of acceptance as follows:

Term Admission Notification
Early Fall (August) Beginning May 30 and then weekly through start of term
Early Spring (January) Beginning October 1 and then weekly through start of term
Summer (May) Beginning March 15 and then weekly through start of term


Contact Matthew Cummings at Matthew.Cummings@mail.wvu.edu or (304) 293-6228.