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IMC Graduate Profile: Claire Berlin

Claire Berlin
Manager of Marketing and Communications, College of Fine Arts, Ohio University – Athens, OH
2011 IMC Graduate

At the time of the interview, Claire was the PR & Publications Coordinator for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in Baltimore, MD

Claire Berlin graduated from Marietta College in 2009 with a degree in advertising and public relations and knew that she wanted to immediately continue on with her master’s degree. She also wanted to work at the same time.

She started her career as a PR Coordinator at an integrated marketing firm in OH and also started looking at graduate programs, knowing that she would need something with great flexibility to fit into her busy schedule.

“I looked at several different graduate programs in public relations and marketing and the West Virginia integrated marketing communications program really stood out to me. The IMC program really fit well into my life because I wanted to be able to continue with my career and continue gaining work experience while at the same time getting my master’s degree.”

About halfway through the IMC program, Claire was hired as the PR & Publications Coordinator for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

“I always knew that I liked the small town, but I think I was ready for the change of a big city. And, this opportunity with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra came up and I just made the leap and moved here to Baltimore on about a month’s notice.”

As PR & Publications Coordinator, Claire does everything from producing press releases and interacting with media, to updating their website and producing content for the Symphony’s two print publications.

She has been able to apply much of what she’s learned in class to her job. One particular course she found helpful was IMC 615 - Creative Strategy & Execution.

“I really enjoyed the creative concepts course. I found the design process very, very interesting as I do a little bit of that with the Symphony. It gave me good insights into what consumers are looking for and what draws their eye in.”

Claire thinks that IMC is a skillset that is in demand now and will be well into the future.

“IMC is something that can be applied to every single aspect of an organization as far as putting a message out there and getting your audience to connect with your organization so that they connect with you and are on that same level. It’s really something that I think is important now and will be more important in the future as we come across different social media venues and different ways to communicate with our consumer. It’s really about keeping on top of that and making sure that your message is relevant as well as being something that they can relate to.”

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