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IMC Student Profile: Robert and Alisani Kelleman

Alisani Kelleman, Founder & CEO – The Pampered Rose Perfume Company
Robert Kelleman, Financial controller – American Woodmark Corporation
Winchester, VA
Current IMC Students

Alisani and Robert Kelleman are both IMC program students, but they approach their assignments in different ways.

Alisani – founder and CEO of The Pampered Rose Perfume Company – considers herself a right-brained person.

“My company designs high-end bath and body products – anything that can be packaged beautifully that goes naturally on your skin – and we ship it all over the world. I consider myself a right-brained person because I love creativity. I love dreaming big.”

Robert – a financial controller at American Woodmark Corporation – considers himself more of a left-brained person.

“My job is to help American Woodmark businesses run more successfully – analyzing their business for them, helping them improve their profitability or increase their sales. I definitely am more of a left-brained person. Most people in accounting or finance are very analytical. And that’s true for me as well.”

The two may share books or even a computer, but they do not usually share the same ideas about how to approach a topic or assignment.

Alisani said, “We come at it from a totally different perspective mainly because I am more right-brained and he’s more left-brained. So usually when I attack an assignment, I’m drawn immediately to the creative planning and the marketing and idea phase, and my brain is not thinking about how much money it’s going to cost – at all.”

Robert continued by saying, “I tend to approach things more analytically. I’m really into planning and organizing. I like to think about things strategically.”

It is very important to both of them that the IMC program is online.

“I like being a part of an online program because of the flexibility,” said Alisani. “If I need to travel, all I need to do is take my laptop with me and I still have school. And, during the week I can work at my own pace around my business, which is extremely important.”

Robert continued, “For me, it’s really beneficial because I travel one week a month. I wouldn’t be able to go to school if there wasn’t an online program. I would miss 25 percent of the classes.”

What the Kelleman’s have to say about being right-brained and left-brained applies to many current IMC students.

“I think that we are very much alike,” said Alisani. “It’s just that we approach the same things in a different manner. I don’t think that being right-brained and being left-brained means that you’re different. I just think it means that you have different strengths that complement each other that create this synergistic, wonderful thing that catapults you a lot further than if you are both thinking the exact same way.”

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