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Michael Fleischner

President, MarketingScoop.com; SVP of Marketing, Achieve3000

Thursday, September 22 at 8 p.m. EDT

In an online Wimba classroom session, Michael discussed how search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of an effective integrated marketing communications program and explained the importance of SEO for driving traffic to websites, blogs, online promotions, and other forms of digital marketing. Michael talked about how effective search engine optimization programs can drive brand awareness and support social media programs. In Michael’s words, “search engine optimization is an essential part of an integrated marketing communications program. Small, medium and large businesses must proactively manage their search engine results to protect their reputation and grow their brand.” To that end, he focused heavily on SEO’s ability to build a pipeline of prospective customers and develop strong brand awareness. Michael also revealed some of his most powerful search engine optimization strategies for achieving number one rankings for virtually any website or blog and provides advice for IMC students interested in SEO.

The full archive of Fleischner’s presentation is available here:


To access: It is recommended that you complete the Setup Wizard first, and then access the room by clicking on the “Participant Login.” Type in any ID in the name field to enter the session. Once inside the session, the presentation should automatically begin. If not, click on the “Archive Start” link in the upper-right of the screen.

The following is a short clip in which Michael Fleischner talks about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and how it relates to an integrated marketing campaign:

In this short clip Michael Fleischner discusses the importance of on-page optimization for strengthening the SEO of your website:

Michael Fleischner

Michael Fleischner’s Bio:

Michael Fleischner is an Internet marketing expert with more than 15 years of marketing experience. He has appeared on the TODAY Show, ABC World News, Bloomberg Radio, and other major media. Michael is also an author and Founder of MarketingScoop.com – the leading free online resource for marketing professionals.

In 1993, Michael graduated Rutgers College Business School with top honors and a degree in marketing. Two years later, Michael received a Masters degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, located in Evanston Illinois. At that time, he worked for United States Gypsum Corporation (USG) in a strategic marketing role and later teamed up with the former owner of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics to sell and market reading programs to students and universities.

Just a short while later, Michael was back in NJ practicing marketing and managing operations for Caliper, a human resource management company located in Princeton NJ. Michael honed his marketing and management skills before moving to Peterson’s in 2000. In a market role, Michael developed key relationships with ETS, Yahoo!, AOL, and other leading companies. By the age of 30, Michael had been promoted to Vice President of marketing and aggressively moved the Peterson’s organization into integrated marketing and promotion.

At the same time, Michael pursued other interests in the area of online marketing. In 2004, Michael launched his first web site MarketingScoop.com to provide free resources to marketing professionals. The site currently ranks #1 on Google for competitive terms like “marketing expert”, “internet marketing expert”, and “marketing articles.” Since that time, his Marketing Blog (#1 Google ranking for “marketing blog) has gained International recognition and provides leading commentary on marketing, Internet marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

In 2008, Michael published his first book, SEO Made Simple: Strategies for Dominating the World’s Largest Search Engine.

(Amazon.com: ISBN-13: 978-1460908518. Price $17.95), now in its 2nd edition. Michael also published a book on Pay-per-click marketing titled, PPC Made Simple. He consults for small and medium-sized companies on search engine optimization and provides training for businesses seeking to offer search engine optimization services.

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