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IMC 619


Course Description

Examines how modern industry uses emerging media, such as blogs and virtual worlds, to enhance the IMC process. Addresses the creative and ethical issues unique to digital media.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 619, students will be able to:

  • Identify the role emerging media plays in an IMC campaign.
  • Compare, contrast and experience the emerging media that organizations are leveraging to build relationships with consumers.
  • Recognize the ethical issues involved in using emerging media as a marketing communications tool.
  • Understand how marketers are using emerging media to reach specific audiences to include ethnic and youth markets.
  • Define the role of creativity and design in emerging media.


Topics in this course may include:
IMC in an Evolving Digital Landscape
Understanding Consumers: Emerging Media Users and Markets. Creating a Digital Identity through Emerging Media. Using Emerging Media to Enhance a Brand.
Growth of mobile across emerging media platforms. How to strategically use mobile for marketing across emerging media platforms. Growth and popularity of video and streaming media across emerging media platforms. How to strategically leverage video and streaming media for marketing.
An overview of The Internet of Things and how it is shaping the future of marketing and consumer behavior. An overview of New Delivery Methods via emerging media and “Enchanted Objects,” and how these will shape the future of marketing and consumer behavior.
Marketing in a Social Media World
Marketing and Search in an emerging media world. Emerging media marketing from the consumer’s point of view. Why social media platforms, Siri, YouTube, and other platforms are now powerful search engines in the mind of the consumer. Measures of Effectiveness in Emerging Media. How to decide what is important to measure in an emerging media world.
Ethical & Legal Issues in Emerging Media. The FTC disclosure requirements. Who Owns Your Data? The selling of consumer data and data brokers.
Wrap-up Week

This information was taken directly from the syllabus of this IMC course. While it is our intent to supply students with an accurate overview of the class, please note that the information was used in a previous session and, thus, is subjec t to change without notice.