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Kimberly George

Kimberly George
APLM, Under Armour
WVU IMC student


My name is Kimberly George, I am an APLM for men’s training at Under Armour here in Baltimore, Maryland. Um I’m an Associate Project Line Manager. It’s that uh you’re managing um kinda the structure of an apparel line from start to finish and working with designers, the tech designers, packaging sourcing to make sure that product comes from concept to actual retail space. I chose the IMC program because it was online and for me it was the number one thing I needed. I work crazy hours, I travel a lot, I travel to Asia and internationally, so having something that is flexible that I didn’t physically need to be in a classroom was great. The best thing about the IMC program is to have so many electives to choose from that you’s almost like I can really… I don’t wanna take three years to do it but at the same time I love to have the opportunity to take multiple electives that I might not get anywhere else. I would say that the most valuable skill I’ve learned is time management. You know, something like knowing what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, be able to manage my time is the most valuable thing I’ve learned. I customized my degree because I knew there were things I was looking to get out of the program that because of the wealth of electives I wouldn’t be able to do that, and I could target creative avenue and development or I could target PR or I could target emerging media. Um so for me I was able to pick and choose what electives I wanted to be able to kinda give my degree a uh the most robust set of electives.

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