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Capstone Experience

Students complete a total of 10 courses in the IMC graduate program. After completing the core, specialty and elective courses, students take the Capstone course in their last term. We have two versions of the capstone experience.

The “Provided-Client” Capstone

A national client is presented at the beginning of the course and each student works independently to understand the client's current marketing communications need, fully research their category, and develop an IMC campaign proposal to help the client achieve their stated goals. At the conclusion of the course, the instructor selects the top student campaigns and students are offered an opportunity to pitch their ideas directly to the client. Clients have included the American Red Cross, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Nature's Bounty.


EP Cover Sheet

Lova Jaros
IMC, 2013
St. Jude's Hospital

TV storyboard for capstone

Mahua Chatterjee
IMC, 2018
The Nature's Bounty Company

The “Selected-Client” Capstone

Students bring their own clients into the course. Most students choose their place of employment or their most recent employer since they have established connections with these clients. Prior to being accepted into a section of the selected-client option, students present information on their client and the lead instructor will review and approve them for the course. Students have worked with a wide variety of organizations including for-profits, non-profits, smaller agencies and Fortune 500 companies.


Web Landing Page

Lisa Nguyen
IMC, 2018
UC Davis Graduate
School of Management

Sheetz Instagram Post    

Courtney Woodring
IMC, 2018


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