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Course Graphic (11 total courses, 1 introduction course, 4 core courses, 2 specialty courses, 3 elective courses, 1 capstone course

Students gain practical and experiential knowledge of every aspect of IMC, from advertising to social media to PR to creative strategy and beyond.


Introduction to IMC

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). This course also provides a comprehensive orientation to the WVU IMC graduate program.


Core Courses

The core courses are offered every term. They can be completed in any order, enabling students to customize their journeys by selecting and completing the courses that are most relevant to their professional goals early in their studies.


Specialty Courses

Students are encouraged to select the two specialty courses with which they have the least amount of prior experience, thus opting out of the specialty course that most closely aligns with their prior professional and academic experience. The specialty courses are offered every term.


Elective Courses

A wide variety of electives allow students to focus on individual areas of interest within the IMC spectrum. Elective options are based on availability; other electives may be substituted based on current course offerings.


IMC Capstone: Campaigns

This course provides is the culmination of knowledge gained through the WVU IMC graduate program. Students build a Integrated Marketing Communications campaign for a real-world client.