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graduate certificates

Data Marketing Communications

A Data Marketing Communications Graduate Certificate is available in a 5-course (15-credit) format. Students must take the elective courses listed below and one additional DMC course of their choosing. To apply, designate your Admission Type as Graduate Certificate and under Intended Program select Data Marketing Communications (CG49).

The graduate certificate program is non-degree-seeking and not eligible for financial aid. However, students who start in the certificate program can transfer into the full IMC master's degree, if they choose, before completion of the certificate. You can apply for financial aid at that time.

You'll learn to:

  1. Explain the basic principles of marketing, media and digital analytics.
  2. Discover how metrics and analysis inform business decision making.
  3. Describe how marketers use current analytic methods such as segmentation, profiling, and RFM to deliver ROI for their clients.
  4. Distinguish between the different types of primary and secondary data available to marketers from response data, to compiled and crowdsourced data.
  5. Compare B2B and B2C data requirements and available data modules for targeting, segmentation, and Account Based Marketing.
  6. Define the programmatic ecosystem and the resources required to execute programmatic buying.
  7. Identify key performance indicators from a variety of metrics to track the results of a marketing communications campaign.
  8. Design campaign tracking methods and dashboards to assess and improve effectiveness during the marketing communications campaign and communicate with key stakeholders.


Questions? Contact our Enrollment Specialist at or 304-293-6278.