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graduate certificates

Digital and Social Media

A Digital and Social Media Graduate Certificate is available in a 5-course (15-credit) format. Students must take  IMC 610 - Introduction to IMC, followed by the elective courses listed below. To apply, designate your Admission Type as Graduate Certificate and under Intended Program select Digital and Social Media (CG50).

Graduate certificates are also a great way for IMC alumni to continue their education and stay on top of the latest trends. Alumni who have already taken IMC 610 can choose any other IMC or DMC course to fulfill the 15 credit hours required.

The graduate certificate program is non-degree-seeking and not eligible for financial aid. However, students who start in the certificate program can transfer into the full IMC master's degree, if they choose, before completion of the certificate. You can apply for financial aid at that time.

You'll learn to:

  1. Identify, incorporate and implement digital and social media marketing tactics in an integrated marketing communications strategy.
  2. Define legal and ethical considerations and federal guidelines associated with digital and social media marketing activities.
  3. Develop a comprehensive social media marketing communications plan.
  4. Plan digital content to utilize on social media sites: i.e. vlogging, video news letters, short video for social media site production, podcasts, etc.
  5. Develop digital content relevant to the target audience for owned, earned, and paid digital and social media channels.
  6. Interpret key social media metrics and demonstrate knowledge in tracking social media sites. Learn to utilize web analytics tools and SEO in campaign assessment.
  7. Evaluate ROI for digital and social media marketing plans.


Questions? Contact our Enrollment Specialist at or 304-293-6278.