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Advanced Creative Concepts

IMC 625

Course Description

Emphasizes the creative aspects of executing an IMC strategy including visual branding, verbal branding, creative direction and art direction. Focuses on conceiving, developing, expressing and executing a coherent visual identity using a comprehensive IMC strategy.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 625, students will be able to:


Topics in this course may include:
Intro to a Lifestyle Title Launch; New Ideas in Content Delivery
Creative Visual Strategies & Techniques in IMC
Visual Branding
Verbal Branding
Art Direction & Mock Photoshoot
Media Considerations & Techniques
Video Storyboarding for Television & the Internet
New Roles for Social Media
Putting it All Together: Reinforcing a Creative Strategy with a Unified Visual Identity

This information was taken directly from the syllabus of this IMC course. While it is our intent to supply students with an accurate overview of the class, please note that the information was used in a previous session and, thus, is subject to change without notice.