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Full Time Sample Schedule with AOE

Once you are admitted to our master's program, you will work with an advisor to create a customized, personal schedule that aligns with your interests, career goals and graduate education timeline.

To give you some idea of what a WVU IMC schedule might look like, below are three sample schedules, starting in each semester. Please note that there are virtually unlimited schedule options, including two additional start terms in Late Spring and Late Fall that are not presented. Please inquire with a member of our student success team to plan a schedule that fits your life.

A few notes about WVU IMC course scheduling:

Early Fall Term

early fall calendar Intro to IMC

Late Fall Term

late fall calendar Core Course


Specialty Course


Early Spring Term

early spring calendar AOE Elective Course


AOE Elective Course


Late Spring Term

late spring calendar Core Course


Summer Term

summer calendar Core Course


Specialty Course


Early Fall Term

early fall calendar AOE Elective Course


AOE Elective Course


Late Fall Term

late fall calendar Capstone Course