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Join hundreds of marketing communications professionals from around the country at INTEGRATE, a conference for strategic communicators presented by West Virginia University’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate program. Stay tuned for more details about the next INTEGRATE conference!

Marketing communications professionals from across the country attend INTEGRATE and come away with the latest IMC techniques and strategies. The conference is a “learn it today, apply it tomorrow” conference featuring inspiring industry leaders sharing bold ideas and the latest insights and innovations. 

View our past INTEGRATE conferences:

Succeed in our evolving industry

INTEGRATE is the industry’s premier marketing communications conference offered by a university program. The conference is design for both seasoned professionals and prospective graduate students.

INTEGRATE is for seasoned marketing communications professionals.

“I’ve spoken at a lot of different conferences and was pleasantly surprised at the level of camaraderie and genuine conversation that took place among the attendees and speakers at the INTEGRATE Conference. I’m hesitant to even call it ‘networking’ because it seemed like we were all old friends who were learning from each other’s experiences.”

— Steve Radick, VP, director of public relations and content integration | BRUNNER

INTEGRATE is for current IMC graduate students, faculty and alumni.

“The speakers are great, but one of the best things about INTEGRATE is the opportunity to meet and engage with students—professionals in their own right—from all across the country. I count many of these attendees as friends and resources.”

— Lisa Sands, director of marketing and communications | University Circle, Inc.

INTEGRATE is for prospective graduate students.

“As a prospective student, having the opportunity to attend INTEGRATE was an invaluable experience. Meeting faculty, students and industry professionals truly personalized the program for me. The conference was an inspiring, entertaining and educational two days. A huge benefit was that INTEGRATE gave me a snapshot of all that the IMC program offers. It was the perfect way for me to begin my work in the program!”

— Andy Flick, director of midwest promotion | RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment