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John Conforti


MC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Fall 2016

Client – HACC

Residence – Lancaster, PA

Previous Degrees – B.S. in Speech Communications from Millersville University  

Misc. Facts – I entered the IMC program with very little marketing knowledge and no marketing education or experience whatsoever. I came from a sales background and knew that I had a love for creative arts, be it writing, graphic design, or performance (mainly theatre). I did not take my undergraduate work as seriously as I wish I had, and it took me a full ten years to complete my undergraduate degree. All of this led to a lot of apprehension about attempting a graduate program, but it ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made. Now, I am able to directly apply what I have learned in my current role as an Admissions Counselor at HACC (my client for my Capstone project) before hopefully making the transition to our school's IMC team in the future.

Capstone Experience – There were two key times I came to this portion of the IMC program website: while I was determining if the IMC program at WVU was the right fit for me and right before my final semester when the Campaigns class was right around the corner, and I wanted every bit of information on which I could get my hands. In general, I cannot tell you more than what others will tell you: the Capstone is an all-consuming task, it caused me all sorts of self-induced stress and frustration, and there were many moments where I second-guessed everything I could: the client I chose (even one for whom I already worked!), my budget, my strategies, my life decisions...So here's what I did: I took a deep breath and I looked at my final project from IMC 610. It was my first attempt at a graduate class for a discipline about which I knew little, yet I survived it through hard work and dedication and created a final project for that class of which I was incredibly proud. Yet, when I reviewed it, I was amazed at how primitive it seemed in comparison to the work I was doing on my Capstone. That was the moment when the stress subsided for me, and I was able to just push forward. So, if you're thinking about starting the program and you're reading this, don't be daunted by the level of work required or described for this class. This program will duly prepare you for it. If you are about to take the Campaigns class and you're reading this, know that you have already accomplished so much just by getting here, and that while you will need to dedicate a lot of time and energy to this project, you will undoubtedly impress yourself beyond your wildest imagination. If you need that confidence boost, open up your final IMC 610 project and reflect on your personal progress throughout the program.  Most importantly - do NOT fall behind! I cannot imagine a larger torment than trying to play catch-up on this project! As it was, I needed every hour I spent on it.

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