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Kimberly Rankins

IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Spring 2016

Client – Make-A-Wish Michigan

Residence – Atlanta, Georgia

Previous Degrees – Bachelor of Arts, Communications from the University of Memphis

Misc. Facts – When I signed up for the IMC program, I did it before I allowed myself to change my mind. I just jumped. The world had evolved so much since I received my bachelor’s degree, and I didn’t want to be a dinosaur in an emerging media world. My writing skills, research skills and attention to detail improved dramatically throughout the program. For the last two years, my Friday date night has been an intimate evening responding to classmates’ postings. It’s been a love affair unlike any other. 

Capstone Experience – When the capstone course first started, I was a nervous wreck. Until that time, I usually felt pretty confident at the start of other courses. However, I felt like I forgot everything I knew at the beginning of the Early Spring ‘16 semester. However, thanks to the fantastic guidance of Dr. Helena Angell, the experience became less and less scary. It was a lot of work and I was challenged to create and and research in ways I had never done before. I had never led a focus group. Would I ask the right questions? How would I find enough Millennials to participate? I learned that it takes a small village to get you through the experience, but your village is already in place, you just may not know it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from co-workers, friends, your spouse or acquaintances. When people know you’re working on a project for a master’s program, they’re willing to provide feedback and assistance for primary research. Befriend a fellow classmate and become accountability partners. It helps make the process much more manageable and it helps to humanize the online experience. Also, correspond with your professor. Ask questions. They are there to guide you through the process. You’re not alone. Help is a phone call or email away. Lastly, enjoy the process. It isn’t necessarily easy to do it, but there is joy in the research. Not everyone can do what you’re doing. You’re special. You’re a Capstoner. 

Executive Summary

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IMC Plan Highlights


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