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Lindsay Tjepkema

IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Spring 2016

Client – W. Nuhsbaum Inc.

Residence – Indianapolis, Indiana

Previous Degrees – Public Relations and Marketing, Western Michigan University

Misc. Facts – Lindsay completed her degree while building her career, as well as her family. She is the mother of three young boys (including twins) and currently manages her own marketing consulting business, Blueprint Marketing ( She also works as the Principal Digital Strategist, Content & Promotion at Relevance (, a digital marketing agency in Indianapolis. 

Capstone Experience – The Capstone is a great opportunity to show your professor, your colleagues and your professional peers what you’ve learned throughout the IMC master’s program. Dig in, get creative and use your knowledge and the guidelines put in place for the Capstone project to do what you think is best for the client. 

Executive Summary

tjepkema_executive summary

IMC Plan Highlights


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