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IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Spring 2017

Client –

Residence – Charlotte, NC

Undergraduate Degree –  English major, Women’s Studies minor at the University of Kentucky

Misc. Facts – Prior to staying home with my children, I was a counselor. I was a domestic violence counselor to women and later worked as an obesity treatment counselor. I loved the work but, as you might imagine, got burnt out. I transitioned to being a travel agent (a counselor of sorts). Best. Job. Ever. Fun, people-oriented, challenging, rewarding. But then the Internet came along and well… I jumped into the business of being a mom. I took the last 15 years of my life and stayed home to raise my three kids: Tate (17), Garett (15) and Marissa (13). I homeschooled them for 7 years. When I put them in school in 2015, it was time to switch gears and go back to school myself. I have loved graduate school! We have really interesting conversations about our “schoolwork” over the dinner table. I remember studying about geofencing and beacon technology in my Emerging Media class and sharing it with the kids. They acted only mildly interested because they knew all about it. Because you know, they know everything. They’re teenagers.

Capstone Experience –  I have loved (no exaggeration) every class in this program. Some kept me up late at night (613), some challenged my creative skills (625), others pushed my critical thinking (623). Capstone (636) tested whether or not I had truly “mastered” IMC. It made me realize how well the program had prepared me for a career in IMC; I had truly developed a solid IMC foundation. 

I especially loved the opportunity to work for a real client, to help develop a brand personality from scratch. is a brilliant start- up (keep your eyes on this company!) and I was honored to work so closely with them to develop a marketing campaign.

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