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Lauren Thompson

IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Spring 2017

Client - Loudon Water

Residence – Leesburg, VA

Undergraduate Degree – Bachelor of Science in Journalism with minors in American Government and Policy, Business Administration and Communications Studies from West Virginia University

Misc. Facts – When I graduated from WVU in 2012, I was fortunate enough to land my first job with a state government agency in a very busy communications department. Here I learned what I liked and didn’t like about the career path I thought I wanted at the time. 

Enrolling in the IMC program was a way to compliment what I really enjoyed doing, while learning new skills that would help me advance in my career. I also had a lot of great female mentors along the way that all had one thing in common - an advanced degree. It seemed like common sense for me to sign up for the IMC program. I credit the program with leading me to my current job where I work as a digital communications specialist. 

In my free time, I fosters shy dogs through through Lost Dog and Cat Rescue in Virginia. I also took up sewing classes during the program because I didn’t have enough going on. But now I can sew a pretty good handbag! 

Capstone Experience – Since starting the IMC program, I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the Capstone course. I had heard feedback from other students, participated in a few of their focus groups at Integrate, and read their final projects online. I was so focused on the heavy time commitment that I built this up to be something that was impossible. 

The funny thing was, while the course was intense and time-consuming, I felt ready. Every class up until this point had given me a piece of the puzzle I needed to be successful. Capstone is definitely a lot on top of a full-time job and personal commitments. Staying on a schedule, having a great support system at home, and knowing when you need to take the night off to binge watch Netflix is key. 

For future capstoners I would suggest picking a client that you are passionate about - after all you’ll be looking at this project intensively for almost two months. Also, keep in regular contact with your classmates and your professor! It’s a lot of work, but it’s certainly worth it!

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