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Marion Rhodes

IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Spring 2017

Client – American Translators Association

Residence – San Diego, California 

Undergraduate Degree – B.A. in Journalism, University of Nebraska at Omaha 

Misc. Facts – I grew up in Germany and moved to the U.S. at the age of 19. After earning my bachelor's degree and working as a reporter for a few years, I started my own translation business, Integrated MarCom Translations, in 2006, where I focus on providing English into German translations in the areas of marketing, advertising, PR, and corporate communications. The reason I joined the IMC program was to hone my expertise in this field in order to serve my translation clients better and effectively market my own business.  

Capstone Experience – This capstone course was intense. In fact, I had to put my paid work aside for a few weeks in order to focus on my final project. However, this course really pulled together everything I had learned throughout my IMC journey and taught me how the bits and pieces interconnect to form a beautiful, cohesive whole. My advice to future IMC students is to carefully select the company or organization for your campaign, and make sure you have internal contacts who are willing to provide you with information. I had several people within the American Translators Association willing to work with me, which was a huge help. I am grateful for their cooperation, and I am grateful for the experiences I have gained throughout this program.

Executive Summary

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