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Ashley Peterson

IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Summer 2016

Client – Synchrony Financial

Residence – Dayton, OH

Previous Degrees – B.S., Marketing from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

Misc. Facts – After undergrad, I began my professional career in a two-year sales rotational program. Throughout the program, many of my assigned projects and extracurricular activities on and off the job uncovered my passion for communications. I was quickly reminded of my IMC class in undergrad and, with these new experiences, felt like I needed to get more, which drove me to apply for this program. The same summer that I completed the rotational program was the same summer that I began IMC, and it was one of the best choices that I could have made for my career. The greatest part of my IMC journey was being able to watch my company’s new corporate brand unfold, making it easy to apply my lessons to my day-to-day life at work and also dig deeper into the concepts by using my employer’s story for various assignments throughout the program, including this Capstone project.

Capstone Experience – I think just about anyone who has gone through IMC will say that you never know what to expect when it comes to Capstone until you are there, but the courses leading up to it will have you more prepared than you may feel going into the final stretch. I have two main tips that helped me to get through Capstone. 

1: Plan Ahead – First thing I would recommend is to take time to review past class lessons and assignments to refresh your memory. It will make executing certain parts of Capstone that much easier if you have those reference points top of mind. Then, once the Capstone materials are available, read through them all and use a planner or whatever tool is best for you to write down what you personally should focus on each week because we all know that other non-Capstone things may conflict no matter how hard we try to avoid them. It is a lot of information to take in but, once you organize it all in a way that works for you, it’s a lot more bearable. Lastly, think about setting your own final due date – mine was about 5 days earlier than the assigned due date. This forced me to stay on track throughout the course and allowed me some wiggle room for any unexpected events. 

2: Have Fun – It is very important to remind yourself that, while it may be tough and a lot of work, this is the most rewarding part of the program. Throughout IMC, you learn so many ways to become even more creative and you can really show that off in Capstone as you create your campaign. Leverage your professor and classmates as well as family, friends and coworkers as your support system. Let your thoughts wander, bring your ideas to life and put your best foot forward, but don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it because, after all, you’ve made it! 


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