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Steve Geibel

IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Summer 2016

Client – Leica Camera AG

Residence – Parkersburg, WV

Previous Degrees – BBA Marketing – Marshall University

Misc. Facts – I have been in marketing for decades, possibly longer than some of my fellow students have been alive, and as a result, I assumed I have seen about everything. Of course, I hadn’t. I have worked for large corporations, small companies and entrepreneurial/start-up ventures, and I have worn many hats along the way. Despite the vast and varied experience I had been amassing, I was always cognizant of the fact that the marketing industry changes at the speed of light, and in order for marketers to stay on top of the game they need to remain current. Pursuant to that end, I entertained thoughts of getting my MBA on multiple occasions and even started the program at Auburn University, but found that it did not really fulfill my needs and desires the way this MS in IMC has. MBAs place a lot of emphasis on general business and finance principles with the ability to take a handful of electives in a chosen emphasis like marketing. It is a very general overview of business with a lot of recaps of undergraduate courses. The program at WVU is all marketing, all the time, and that is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Was some of the program a refresher for me? Sure it was, but the new things I was exposed to far outweighed any potential redundancy in knowledge. The game has changed, and if you aren’t endeavoring to be on the bleeding edge of marketing technology, you are falling behind. Don’t become obsolete. I would recommend this program without reserve to anyone who is serious about advancing their marketing acumen.

Capstone Experience – I won’t kid you, Capstone is rigorous. Students fear it, and enter into it with great trepidation. There will be days in which you question your own sanity and you will constantly second-guess your own judgement. Despite all the stress (self-imposed mostly), the worry and the sleepless nights, the real truth is that you can do it. You can not only do it, but you can kill it. You will surprise yourself with your own greatness, and will become infused with a new sense of confidence to go forth and market. By the time Capstone hits, you will have spent the past two years being armed with all the knowledge, strategies, tactics and techniques you will need to create a fully fleshed out, commercially viable Integrated Marketing Communications plan/proposal that will blow minds. Capstone presents you with the opportunity to strut your stuff. Sure you want to impress your professor, but that will pale in comparison to the feeling you will get from impressing yourself. If you are considering entering this program, I would recommend that you simply put Capstone out of your mind for right now. Pay strict attention to your introductory class (IMC610), and keep copies of everything you write throughout the program. Two years from now, you will be an IMC God!


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