Innovation expert to bring talents to West Virginia University

Joseph Jaffe, an established author, entrepreneur and sought-after consultant, is bringing his expertise to the West Virginia University Reed College of Media as an instructor in the Integrated Marketing Communications online graduate program. 

Jaffe is pulling from his experience as a reformed adman, strategic consultant and thought leader to develop and teach a new course, “Disruptive Innovation,” for the spring 2019 term.

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The Surprising Impact of Global Learning Communities

For those used to a traditional classroom setting, deciding to pursue an online degree can be intimidating at first thought. Many people are not used to the format of online classes, and getting used to a new learning style seems daunting. However, that different learning style is exactly what makes these programs work so well: online programs foster a global learning community.

Online courses allow students to participate from just about anywhere, so classes contain people from all walks of life, each with a unique story to tell. Some people are marketing directors for major national companies while others are switching careers after years of working in a different field. This means that students’ opinions and experiences are far more varied, which can in turn cause students to learn more by opening their minds to new perspectives. Studies show that this is more than just a fun idea – diversity has been proven to enhance learning. Katherine W. Phillips of Scientific American states that, “Diversity enhances creativity. It encourages the search for novel information and perspectives, leading to better decision making and problem solving.”

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WVU Reed College of Media awards scholarships to online master’s degree students

Three West Virginia University Reed College of Media online graduate students have been awarded scholarships from the College’s General IMC/DMC Scholarship Fund.

The competitive scholarship was established in 2017 by College of Media alumni and employees  Catherine and  Chad Mezera . It is awarded to students enrolled in the College’s  Integrated Marketing Communications  (IMC) or  Data Marketing Communications (DMC) graduate programs each fall and is the first and only scholarship dedicated to online graduate students in the College of Media.

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Data and diversity big topics at Integrate 2018

Nearly 150 marketing communications professionals from across the country descended upon Morgantown to learn new strategies and gain inspiration from industry experts during the College of Media’s 2018 INTEGRATE conference, August 2-4.

The conference kicked off with an opening networking reception and motivational keynote talk featuring award-winning advertising creative Jim Copacino.

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Seven ways that online degrees make graduate school possible

Searching for the perfect school for your master’s program can be a challenge, especially when you already work full time and have a limited selection of schools in your area. People think graduate school is not an option because they are used to traditional classroom based degrees. Luckily, schools are developing online master’s degrees (like the ones offered at West Virginia University for Integrated Marketing Communications and Data Marketing Communications) that can be done without ever stepping into the classroom.

Here is why online programs are the answer to your graduate school needs:

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When is the right time to start graduate school?

I can’t tell you how often students ask me, “Should I start graduate school right after undergrad or should I wait until I have work experience?”

When college juniors and seniors know that graduate school is a future aspiration, they begin to seek advice from family, friends and academic advisors alike on the best possible solution to this popular question. More often than not, they hear conflicting responses across the board.

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