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Seven ways that online degrees make graduate school possible

Searching for the perfect school for your master’s program can be a challenge, especially when you already work full time and have a limited selection of schools in your area. People think graduate school is not an option because they are used to traditional classroom based degrees. Luckily, schools are developing online master’s degrees (like the ones offered at West Virginia University for Integrated Marketing Communications and Data Marketing Communications) that can be done without ever stepping into the classroom.

Here is why online programs are the answer to your graduate school needs:

1. Flexibility. Online classes provide students more flexibility in terms of when they do their homework and how many classes they take. This flexibility allows people with already busy schedules to pursue their degree.  

2. Range of Choices. Online schools provide students with more freedom to choose where they can go which means that they are more likely to find their ideal program. You may be able to find a school that is more renowned for the program you are looking for than the ones in your area.

3. Quality of Professors. Since all work is done remotely, schools can hire professors from across the country, meaning they have a better selection of quality candidates since they are not tied to one location. The professors are truly industry leaders because of this.

4. You’ll Be a Better Student. My grades in my graduate program are better than undergraduate – and I was a good student then! Since I don’t have to be at class at a certain time and my work is flexible, I feel more relaxed. If you’re better at expressing yourself verbally than through exams, you might be surprised by how well you do since there are not tests in our program.

5. Mobility. You can go on vacation and still do your school work! Your classes travel with you so you do not have to feel tied to one spot while you finish your degree.

6. Pace. The online master's program in IMC is as fast or slow paced as you need. The IMC program can be completed in as little as 18 months or drawn out longer if taking multiple classes at once is not an option for your schedule. You can even take a term off if needed! Also, the terms are only 8 weeks long which is accelerated compared to traditional programs. 

The online master's program in DMC is a fast-paced and accelerated program that students complete in a cohort, with courses also offered in 8-week terms. It can be completed in as little as 16 months or drawn out longer if taking multiple classes at once is not an option for your schedule.  

7. Tech Skills. By completing a program online, you are proving to employers that you are good with technology – a skill that is much needed in today’s job market and will help you stand out!

Graduate school is more accessible for students than ever – it is no longer an impossible dream! The programs through the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University can help make a Master’s Degree a reality.

Caitlin Young

Caitlin Young is a student in the WVU Integrated Marketing Communications graduate program. She is currently a photographer and training facilitator at Walt Disney World.