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Requesting a Final Grade Confirmation Letter

Many IMC students participate in employer tuition reimbursement programs and must submit final grades at the end of each term. West Virginia University’s Office of the Registrar operates on a standardized timetable which is based on the traditional 16-week semester schedule. Due to the nine-week term structure of the IMC program, confirmation of final student grades can be delayed.

To assist IMC students fulfill the requirements of their employers’ tuition reimbursement programs, the IMC program will send a departmental letter to the student’s employer or HR representative confirming the student’s final grades for an IMC term. 

All requests for confirmation letters should be submitted via the IMC website at Final Grade Confirmation Letter Form.

Please submit this form within seven (7) days from the end of each IMC term in which a grade confirmation letter is required. All grade confirmation letters submitted on time will be processed and mailed 12-14 days from the end of a term, once all final grades are submitted to the University by IMC faculty (within 10 days from the end of a term). 

Grade letter requests submitted after seven days from the end of a term will be delayed.  In addition, no grade confirmation letter will be sent before all IMC final grades have been submitted.