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Nancy Furlow

Teaches IMC 624 - Cause Marketing

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Nancy Furlow has had a life-long interest in environmental issues and conservation. While working on her doctorate in mass communications at the University of Southern Mississippi, she concentrated her research on environmental labeling and advertising. Furlow also earned a master’s degree in journalism from Louisiana State University and received bachelor’s degrees in journalism and marketing from Louisiana Tech University. 

Furlow’s career in marketing communications has spanned more than 15 years, and has included corporate, nonprofit and government agencies. A position with the World Wildlife Fund took her to the Washington, D.C., area where she also worked for the Smithsonian Institution’s National Zoo.  Her research interests include ecotourism, environmental product labeling, cause-related and social marketing, and “green” advertising.   She has presented at numerous conferences in the United States, as well as internationally in Russia, Africa, Austria and Switzerland. 

Furlow is a full professor of marketing in the School of Business Administration for Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.  Prior to joining Marymount University, Furlow taught at Elon University. In addition to publishing journal articles, she is a regular book reviewer for The American Library Association’s CHOICE Magazine and was a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies, Encyclopedia of Advertising, the Encyclopedia of Public Relations, and the Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing.

Selected publications

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