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The Area of Emphasis in Management is intended to prepare IMC students to apply their skills in a traditional business administrative setting. Students will be exposed to course work in leadership, ethics, negotiations and management information systems.

Course Requirements

Management Guide
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In order to satisfy the requirements of the Area of Emphasis, a student must complete the four required courses listed below. Note that a cumulative GPA of 2.75 is required for graduation from the IMC program. The courses and grades from the Area of Emphasis will be counted towards a student’s cumulative GPA (a C- or better is required in courses, with an overall cumulative GPA of 2.75) in the IMC program.

  • BADM 611 – Management Information Systems – 3 credits 
    This course focuses on the management of information and technology in business, and uses lectures, case analysis, and hands-on exercises to explore software tools used in business decision-making.
  • BADM 633 – Leadership – 3 credits 
    Topics include leadership concepts and practices designed to motivate and support an organization’s workforce. Students discuss principles of leadership and explore how these principles affect traditional human resource management topics.
  • BADM 644 – Legal Environment and Ethics – 3 credits 
    An overview of the legal system and the legal and ethical issues relevant to business decision-making, planning, and the interface between business, government, and society.
  • ILR 543 – Negotiation Strategy – 3 credits 
    Theory and practice of both principled negotiations and position bargaining; extensive role play and technique building exercises for individual and team negotiations; detailed preparation methods for all types of personal and professional negotiations.

Total Hours: 12 Credits

IMC students who declare this Area of Emphasis are expected to take Management AOE courses in place of the elective requirements of the IMC program. Students should contact an MBA advisor for more information on when Management AOE courses will be offered. The addition of this AOE by MBA students will add two courses to their plans of study and increase the total credit hours required to earn their degrees to 54 credits. This may extend students’ graduations, based on the schedule of IMC courses and their remaining MBA coursework. IMC students interested in applying for the AOE in management are encouraged to do so early in their IMC studies.