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Marketing Research & Analysis

IMC 611

Course Description

This course examines the role of research within an IMC campaign. Students will learn to identify marketing problems, distinguish what can and cannot be learned from marketing research, gather and analyze marketing data and make business decisions based on the data.

This course makes use of a progressive assignment. Students select a company with an identifiable marketing problem that can be addressed using marketing research, and develop a research proposal to address that problem. Research proposals are detailed in describing the situation, problem, background, and specific methods for sampling, data collection and analysis. While students may never need to write a research proposal, going through this process and learning the underlying scientific methods will teach them how to better evaluate research proposals. In the future, students may also be in a position in which they must contract for research, and will need to create an RFP (Request for Proposal). Having the knowledge gained from this course will help students make more informed decisions regarding what they will ask research companies to accomplish.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 611, students will be able to:


Topics in this course may include:
Introduction to Marketing Research: Design & Process
Secondary Research and Setting Research Objectives  
Qualitative Research: Focus Groups and Other Methods
Quantitative Research: Sampling and Surveys
Quantitative Research: Surveys and Sampling
Measurement and Questionnaire Design
Marketing Research Proposals, Reports and Ethics
Wrap-up Week

This information was taken directly from the syllabus of this IMC course. While it is our intent to supply students with an accurate overview of the class, please note that the information was used in a previous session and, thus, is subject to change without notice.