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Social Media & Marketing

IMC 641

Course testimonial from IMC student Kayla Kuntz: The social media and marketing class was by far the most applicable course to my career. I work in higher-education social media management and the course served as a refresher on social media best practices. The course inspired me to take a deeper look at the content I promote and positively influenced how I currently run my social media accounts. Communications is an ever-changing field and courses like the social media and marketing class enable IMC students to stay up-to-date on trends and enhance their current skills. This course is great for students interested in running corporate social media pages, enhancing their own personal brand online or as a refresher for current social media managers. Overall, this course has enlightened my social media practice and improved our online presence.”

Course Description

Examines the latest strategies for monitoring and engaging consumers in social media from a marketing perspective. Explores popular platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, that are used to connect with and analyze target audiences.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 641, students will be able to:

  • Provide a broad overview of social media and the social web.
  • Explain the role of social media in IMC.
  • Research and engage current social media communications channels.
  • Evaluate what companies have done or are currently doing, and learn what makes some social media strategies succeed but others fail.
  • Discuss how consumers interact socially and via word-of-mouth.
  • Discuss the types of information that spread on social media networks, as well as how that information spreads.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of a social media plan using appropriate and informative metrics for tracking performance.
  • Understand the importance of trust and transparency in social media marketing.
  • Understand the latest guidelines provided by The Federal Trade Commission.
  • Develop a comprehensive social media marketing plan for a real company or brand.


Topics in this course may include:
Social Media Marketing: Setting the Stage & Understanding the Digital Consumer
Building a Strong Foundation: Engagement Principles
Social Media Listening & Monitoring
Social Media Channels
Measurement Metrics to Quantify Success
Content Development & Social Media Engagement
Truth, Trust & Transparency
Wrap-up Week

This information was taken directly from the syllabus of this IMC course. While it is our intent to supply students with an accurate overview of the class, please note that the information was used in a previous session and, thus, is subjec t to change without notice.