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Web Metrics & SEO

IMC 642

Course testimonial from WVU IMC graduate, Chelsea Cummins:

“When I joined the IMC program at WVU, one of the classes I was most excited for was Web Metrics & SEO. My short time in the real world after my undergrad exposed a serious lack of education in how the web actually works. I knew I wanted a course to help round out my SEO education, and IMC 642 did not disappoint.

The course covers not only current strategies, but those of the past to provide students with an understanding of how the web has worked in the past and how it is continually evolving. It’s very hands on with a blog component to allow you to put the skills you’re learning into practice. Instead of simply reading about the methods, you had to employ them and while it was challenging, it was also rewarding.

I finished the term better understanding Google Analytics that has allowed me to move forward in my career. By learning what the specific measures mean and how to apply them to your organization, I can look at the data beyond the ‘successes’ agencies may try to boast and give a real report of how we’re doing online. Additionally, my writing for the web has greatly improved after completing the course.

If you’re serious about the world of IMC and want to be a ‘total package,’ Web Metrics & SEO is essential to learning how to interpret the success and predict what new trends may emerge.”

Course Description

Examines how marketers strategically gather online information to measure traffic, engagement and potential impact on ROI. Explores search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) strategies used to build an online presence for clients.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 642, students will be able to:

  • Identify the basic principles of web metrics/analytics and SEO.
  • Recognize how quantitative information gathered from the web can be used by marketers.
  • Explain how marketers use current web analytics tools and SEO to deliver ROI for their clients.
  • Discuss the strength and weaknesses of social channels as advertising mediums.
  • Cite how organizations can build and maintain a social online presence.
  • Create and maintain a blog pertaining to course discussion topics and current issues in this field of study.
  • Use modern web analytics tools to report upon and interpret web traffic.


Topics in this course may include:
Intro to Web Analytics & the Basics of Web Analytics
Tool Introduction & Selection
Social Media Analytics & Advertising Channels
Google Analytics
Exploring Google Analytics View Settings & Advanced Features
SEO/On-page Optimization
SEO/Off-Page Optimization
Wrap-up Week

This information was taken directly from the syllabus of this IMC course. While it is our intent to supply students with an accurate overview of the class, please note that the information was used in a previous session and, thus, is subjec t to change without notice.