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Empowering and inspiring emerging leaders to shape the marketing communications industry.

INTEGRATE is more than just a conference. It’s an experience designed for today's marketing communications professional. Whether an IMC strategist, a data-driven marketer, a public relations practitioner, a creative advertiser, or play any other role marketing communications industry, this is an annual learning and networking event you should attend.

The INTEGRATE conference is offered by the WVU Reed College of Media. Initially, this annual event was designed to supplement the learning experience for students and graduates of our online graduate programs. But INTEGRATE has grown over the years into much more than classroom learning, with hundreds of current and emerging thought leaders attending each year to share the latest trends and best practices shaping our industry.

The WVU IMC community has gathered annually for an in-person learning and networking event since 2005. The first  INTEGRATE conference-style event occurred in 2010.

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INTEGRATE focuses on the latest trends shaping our fast-evolving industry. Speakers cover emerging subjects like data-driven marketing decision-making, how virtual reality changes the ways we can engage target audiences, or diversity and inclusion in the IMC world, as well as industry-shifting campaigns that change how consumers feel about the brands they prefer and content marketing strategies that can be applied to both large brands, as well as entrepreneurial start-ups. No matter how you engage your customers, INTEGRATE will help you do it better with today's strategies.

“The speakers are great, but one of the best things about INTEGRATE is the opportunity to meet and engage with WVU Reed College of Media students—professionals in their own right—from all across the country. I count many of these attendees as friends and resources.”

Lisa Sands, Director of Marketing and Communications | University Circle, Inc.

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If you’re still wondering why WVU’s Reed College of Media offers this conference-plus experience or why you should attend, it’s really as simple as understanding our commitment to our students. Most students and alumni of our graduate program community are also successful IMC or data-driven marketing communications professionals who continue to build their careers during and after earning their master’s degrees. They need to know the latest, to peer into the future of our industry so they can get ahead of competition and engage their audiences more effectively. They represent every major market in this country and over a dozen other countries, working in a myriad of marketing communications roles from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups preparing to disrupt a corner of the market. INTEGRATE is for them – to continue to support their growth and knowledge of our changing industry – and they expect us to deliver.

The INTEGRATE conference is designed for today's seasoned industry professionals and tomorrow’s IMC moguls, the same people we serve in the classroom.  And we keep the costs low so that our students and alumni have continued access to high-level, practical learning experiences at an unbeatable return on their investment. Even if you're not an alumnus or student, we invite you to join us for a cost-effective conference experience.

See you at one of our upcoming INTEGRATE events!