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LaVella Hall

IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Spring 2016

Client – Samtec

Residence – Louisville, Kentucky

Previous Degrees – Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Western Kentucky University

Misc. Facts – I work as a marketing associate for Samtec, a global electronic connector company. Previously, I was a creative team member at Interapt, a mobile application startup. 

Capstone Experience – This capstone project provided me with a great opportunity to better get to know the company I work for while also testing myself to deliver an integrated campaign to solve a high-priority problem. Over the eight-week course, you will conduct research that inspires countless ideas but staying on strategy with the client’s brand and goals, while aiming to create shared value with the target audience will help ensure success. 

Samtec is a business-to-business company in an unusual industry, electronic connectors. Thus, my campaign started as an external product campaign, but, after further research, it slowly evolved to an was an internal employee engagement campaign. Although this was different from my classmate, my campaign idea was eventually approved. I urge future students to challenge themselves to think differently to create a product they are proud of and solves a problem that actually needs to be solved. When developing the plan, my advice is to not lose sight of the company’s main goals and your audience. For me, I referred to my IC strategy and creative brief before beginning every assignment to make sure I was on strategy. Although it’s not easy, developing this plan is one of my most proud accomplishment. Good luck!  

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