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Sara Bush

IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Spring 2016

Client – The Jordan Center

Residence – Manassas, Virginia

Previous Degrees – Integrated Strategic Communications, University of Kentucky

Misc. Facts – Up until I applied for the IMC program, I swore I would never get my master’s degree. Never say never! I’m so glad I was wrong when I said that! The brilliant, talented, amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to learn alongside (and from!) have made this journey worthwhile. I’m truly thankful for each of those individuals who kept me going and provided guidance or encouragement.

Capstone Experience – Capstone was by far the most difficult, and most rewarding, part of the IMC program. At first it felt like uncharted territory, mostly because of panic and stress, but then I remembered I’d spent 2 long years preparing for this and from that point forward it wasn’t so daunting. That’s not to say it was easy-far from it- but I stopped feeling like I was grasping at straws, so that’s a plus.

My client, a small nursing facility facing a brand management problem, had the barest of marketing in place and had no communication with their audience. So while it felt like a great idea to be able to build everything from the ground up, it also made things a bit more complex because I was starting from zero—no research to utilize, no direction from which to start, nothing. It meant a little less flashy creative elements and a bit more foundational work, but I’m really proud of the end result!

My advice to future capstone students—Don’t procrastinate, not even a little. Work ahead where you can, take breaks when you need to (mental health is critical!), but keep the ball moving forward. Also, figure out what helps you recharge the most. That activity helped give my brain a chance to recharge and refocus, so figure out what you need to be able to do that. Those times when your brain isn’t thinking about capstone will often be when your greatest ideas come to you or you think of another direction to explore. Finally, savor the moment you hold that printed and bound beast that is your Capstone project. Give yourself time to flip through it, admire your work, take a silly selfie with it where you’re smiling like a crazy person. You’ll have put in countless hours of work, missed time with friends and family, and lost a lot of sleep when this is all over. Don’t let that moment go by unnoticed or unappreciated! 

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