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Julieta Randall

IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date    Spring 2017

Residence   Los Angeles, CA

Client  —  Blumhouse Productions

Undergraduate Degree  —  B.S. in Marketing (Colorado State University-Global Campus), AA in Anthropology and AA in Social & Behavioral Sciences (West LA College), Journeyman Certificate in Audio Engineering (Musicians Institute). 

Misc. Facts —I got into Marketing properly three years ago when I decided to tilt my undergraduate focus towards this discipline. I've always been fascinated by the anthropological, social science, and psychological aspects that come into play in consumer behavior as well as the machinations of our brain as they respond to stylized marketing and advertising messages. I quickly realized that I had already been practicing marketing and PR in one way or another for my freelance, creative, and musical projects, but I needed a different approach and update my game as a marketing professional. 

The IMC program at West Virginia University helped me learn the most updated concepts in the field, embrace my diverse creative vision, and develop strategic communications projects that are based on real clients and concrete situations. I don't think that the quest for knowledge ends here though, one needs to keep updated with the latest digital marketing tools. Now that I've finished, I feel more confident and prepared to see what comes next, whether it is working for an agency or performing marketing solutions in-house for a particular company. 

Capstone Experience — I started with the big idea of putting together my love for film, music, and marketing together a month prior the class started. As a suggestion, it's always a good idea to write your capstone about something that you love because you'll be working on it for several weeks! Unfortunately, this quixotic vision quickly ended up looking more like an extensive research paper and less like an IMC campaign. I was over-complicating myself for nothing, so I had to redraft half-way into my class. My advising teacher pointed out that maybe I should consider getting to the core of the matter, localizing my efforts on a reachable target audience in a specific area that is actually easier to evaluate. In the end, rearranging my project really changed my entire perspective on IMC and this eureka moment comes from working on the practicality of your proposal. You have to ask yourself: Can you actually sell this to a client? I want to thank assisting Prof. Bonnie Harris for really pushing this concept into my head and to help solidify all that I've learned in the last year so far. 

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

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