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Genevieve Williams

IMC 636 Capstone Project

Completion Date – Summer 2016

Client – The Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Foundation

Residence – Norfolk, VA

Previous Degrees – BFA in Advertising Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Misc. Facts – I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer and served in Rwanda as and English teacher for two years. I am a part of a local Muay Thai gym where I practice martial arts style kickboxing, mostly for fitness. I am slowly teaching myself the mandolin.

Capstone Experience – The capstone is hard work and, at times, intense. For me, it was important to designate and prioritize my time for the project. Drawing from personal as well as professional experience was key to helping me create a very well-rounded IMC plan. It was also helpful that I found somethings that I was passionate about within the client in order to bring forth my best ideas. And whenever I felt overwhelmed, I just closed my eyes and envisioned myself holding my degree and all the bonus points I would get at work :)


Executive Summary

Williams Executive Summary

IMC Plan Highlights

Williams SWOT

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