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2009 Golden Quill Teaching Award Recipient

Alexia Vanides

Alexia Vanides

The 2009 Golden Quill recipient was Professor Alexia Vanides of Belmont, CA. She managed the marketing communications for Fortune 500 companies, such as Hughes and Varian Associates, in addition to running her own marketing consultancy for 20 years. As well as teaching at West Virginia University, she was a graduate instructor at UC Berkeley Extension, Golden Gate University and others.

Here are some of the things Vanides’ students said about her:

“Professor Vanides is truly committed to ensuring the success of her students. She consistently provided a positive environment that was stimulating and thought-provoking, which often left students wishing there was more time in a given week to discuss or research a topic further.”

“She provided valuable, balanced and personalized insight and feedback on weekly papers, where she always recognized top-notch work and highlighted areas of improvement to keep her students striving for better with each assignment.”

“Professor Vanides was by far the most enjoyable instructor that I have had in this program.”

“She encouraged critical thinking, provided ‘real world’ examples from her professional experience and gave constructive feedback on weekly assignments as well as the weekly discussions. Through her active class participation, I was able to get a sense of her personality and her sense of humor—which is refreshing in an online class.”

“Professor Vanides pushed everyone in class to write and express themselves clearly, and she encouraged a lively exchange of ideas and information. Her insight and humor were delightful and always made class interesting.”

“She demonstrates both excellent knowledge of her subject and genuine interest in her students. She stimulates lively discussions on class topics and demonstrates that she cares about the academic and professional progress of her students.”