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2011 Alexia Vanides Online Teaching Award Recipient

Susan K. Jones

Susan K. Jones

The 2011 Alexia Vanides Online Teaching Award recipient is Professor Susan K. Jones of East Grand Rapids, MI. Jones is a tenured, full professor of marketing at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI and the principal of Susan K. Jones & Associates. Her practice focuses on corporate training and seminars in direct and interactive marketing as well as marketing planning, product development and copywriting. Jones began teaching online in early 1998, and has attracted students to her online classes at Ferris State from throughout the United States as well as South and Central America, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Educated at Northwestern University, Jones holds a B.S.J. and an M.S.J. in advertising.

Here are some of the things Jones’ students said about her:

“Professor Jones was the best! She was extremely involved in all discussions, providing valuable insights and making sure everyone understood the information being presented. She also gave honest and relevant critiques of all homework assignments and discussion posts. She let us know what was good and not so good and helped us figure out how to know the information! She has been by far the best professor that I have had in my time at WVU.”

“Professor Susan Jones sets the standard when it comes to fostering class participation through the discussion boards. During the class in early spring 2011, she diligently responded to each and every student’s initial post – every week – and even apologized if she happened to miss one. Then, she took the time to provide weekly feedback via email to each student on the Saturday following each week’s discussion. As a result, our class had up to 164 total discussion posts and responses in any given week. Not only was the quantity impressive, but I also believe that Prof. Jones’ guidance and encouragement made for richer, more valuable discussions that stayed on-topic and showed academic rigor. This dedication, combined with Prof. Jones’ obvious passion for direct marketing, makes her deserving of the Vanides Award for 2011.”

“It’s hard to nominate just one with so many excellent teachers, but I felt Professor Jones’ experience and passion as an educator shone through. She was very involved in guiding the discussion board and pushed the students to delve deeper with insightful questioning. She thoroughly evaluated papers including comments which allowed me to further question and learn from my mistakes. She was able to guide students with less experience while still challenging those of us who are established in our Marketing careers. She didn’t miss a beat – the course was challenging, streamlined, comprehensive. For these reasons Professor Jones gets my vote.”